Are you looking for portraits which make you feel proud and confident? To capture this moment in time, showing who you are as a person.  Let me help you out! Before the shoot, we will have a conversation over the phone or online, talking about what kind of pictures you want.  If you're not entirely sure about what to wear, I'm happy to give advice on this too! Portraits are all about you, as a person. I want to capture who you truly are, in this specific moment. The edits will be done according to your own style and personality.



Introductory conversation ( phone or online )
Advice on clothing, styling and location
One-hour photoshoot
Tips and tricks during the photoshoot for the best photo
Minimum of 20 photos, chosen by Marieke Captures
Photos will be delivered in an online gallery, in high-resolution, edited and without logo
Delivery within 14 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will a photoshoot look like?

Before the day of the photoshoot, we will already have communicated by email, text or over the phone. We will meet at the preferred location and have a bit of a chat to get to know eachother a bit better! Once the nerves have passed, I like to start easy with some simple movements to make you feel comfortable with the camera and me. As things progress, I might come a bit closer with my camera for the more intimate shots. During the photoshoots we will have lots of chats and laughs! When we are both happy with the amount of photos, we round the experience up. After which we will both leave the location on our own terms

How long will the session last?

Usually around an hour! Unless communicated differently. I always schedule in some extra time to have a bit of a chat and to make everybody comfortable.

What should I wear?

I always recommend wearing something in which you feel comfortable and confident! This will show on the photos. However, whether you want to have a specific style or you're just unsure about what to wear: I'm happy to give you recommendations beforehand!

When do I need to pay?

A 25% non-refundable deposit will need to be paid within 7 days after receiving the invoice. The deposit is there for me to schedule you into my calendar and start to prepare for our shoot. 7 days before the day of the shoot, the remaining amount needs to be cleared.

When do I need to book you as a photographer?

The earlier the better! Especially if you would like to have the photoshoot in a certain week.

When will I receive my photos?

My official turnaround time is 14 days after completion of the shoot.

Will you use my photos on social media or your website?

Only if you give me permission to do so! I would never, ever use images without your permission. This is something that we will discuss before the shoot, but also afterwards. If you agree with using some of your images on social media, I would only like to use the ones you truly feel comfortable with!

What happens if I have booked an outdoor session and the weather turns out to be bad on the day?

The joys of living in Scotland! I will keep a close eye on the weather forecast. If things look like to turn for the worst, I will give you a call straight away with various options to reschedule.