Pregnancy is such a beautiful and special life moment.  There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you and remembering the beauty in the body that created it. Remember that first little scan picture and how important that image was to you. There is no better way to capture your transition into parenthood than with some beautiful photographs. The photos will be taken in a relaxed environment, your comfort is priority number one!

Your partner is, of course, welcome to be in the pictures and/or there for support. Before the shoot, we will have a conversation over the phone or online, talking about what kind of pictures you would like to have.



Introductory conversation ( phone or online )
Advice on clothing, styling and location
One-hour photoshoot
Tips and tricks during the photoshoot for the best photo
Minimum of 20 photos, chosen by Marieke Captures
Photos will be delivered in an online gallery, in high-resolution, edited and without logo
Delivery within 14 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my maternity shoot?

For the best bump photos, you want to schedule your shoot during that “sweet spot” when your bump is pronounced, but not so late where you feel uncomfortable. If you wait too long, you might not get any photos if you go into birth early! From about 28-30 weeks on would give you ample time and maximum bump, but be aware if you push it beyond 35 weeks in case the little one decides to show up early

What do I wear?!

There is no right answer to this question, I find it most important that you're comfortable! You might want to glam it up and wear a flowy, fancy maternity dress that you'll likely never wear again. You might want to show off your bump in some jeans and a shirt. Whatever style speaks to you is going to give you the most genuine look in your photos. Not sure? Feel free to ask away and send me photos of potentional outfits, I'm happy to help!

Pamper yourself!

A photoshoot is always an extra good reason to give yourself a nice self-care routine, especially when you're pregnant! Perhaps get your nails and toes done, ask someone to do your hair if you feel like it. Be extra kind to yourself

Will my partner be in the photos?

Of course! We will take plenty of time to have photos of you and the beautiful bump, but there is always time for some cute pictures with your partner, any other children, and pets! Just give a little heads up beforehand.