Giving birth is surely one of the most intense and overwhelming things that can happen in someone's life. A moment so powerful and vivid full, of so many different feelings. A special event that can hardly be described by words if you have never experienced or witnessed it. 

The role of a birth photographer is to document this wonderful, beautiful event in your life. Did you know you can have a second birth partner with you at the hospital, birth centre, in theatre and of course with you at home? This person could be your birth photographer! Imagine showing your little one pictures of their birth!  Additionally for you as a parent, you might forget certain details, which you will always remember with photographs.

Recently I’ve had the honour of capturing and witnessing my first ever birth.

The experience has given me the drive and inspiration to continue working and specialising in photographing this special chapter in someone´s life. 


I’m looking for couples and/or parents (to be) who would like to have their child's birth story documented. Since I’m still building up my portfolio.



 An initial meeting in real life in which we will discuss your wishes for the birth and the photos,

More meetings as required: it's important to me that you feel comfortable with me and my camera,

On-call for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your

estimated date of birth,

 Photos from the entire birth, start to finish

A quick turnaround of at least 10 photos 24 hours after the birth,

Photos will be delivered in an online gallery, in-high resolution, edited and without logo,

 Full gallery delivery within 14 days,


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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you arrive and how long will you stay for?

I like to arrive when you are in active labour. However, if you have a preference for me to be there earlier on, or if you have a planned caesarean birth, this can be disccused. I will photograph your labour, birth and stay around for the first two hours or so after the baby arrives to captures many of the first moment. This means that I will be there for as long as you want me to be there! We all know how unpredictable birth can be, it can be 10 hours, or 36. For as long as you want me there, I will be there.

Will you be taking pictures of my baby crowning?

This is completely up to you! This is one of the many reasons why it's important for us to meet up and have a chat before your booking. It is your birth, you decide what you would like me to document and where you would like me to be in the room. The comfort of the parent is priority number 1!

Will I have to let my midwife and/or doula know I'm having a birth photographer?

Yes please! Birth photography is still fairly new in the UK, for this reason it is very important for them to know that I will be in the room as well. There is usually no problems when you are having a home birth, you can have as many people with you as you would like. But if you are giving birth in hospital, it's most likely you are only allowed to have two people there. For this reason it's important for them to know who will be there. And always put that you are having a birth photographer in your birth plan! This is very important. Explain how it is your wish for a birth photographer to be with you wherever you end up during birth. If you have any concerns or hesitations, please get in touch.

What happens if I end up having a (unplanned) caesarean birth?

In the UK, typically only one person is permitted into the operation theatre with the parent. If you are having a planned caesarean birth you will need to speak to your midwife, anaesthetist (they often call the shots) and explain how important it is for you to have the caesarean birth of your baby photographed. Sometimes they will make an exception and let a photographer in with you.

If your caesarean birth is not planned I will try and speak to the medical staff but I cannot give you any guarantees. But don't worry, I will be there waiting for you to come out with baby in your arms!

What if the birth starts in middle of the night, can we call you?

YES! I will be on call for you, meaning that no matter what time the birth starts: call me! Since there is most likely some travel time before I can be with you, please get in touch when you are having early signs and keep me updated with any progress.

I want my birthing room to be really dark, is this okay?

Light is needed for clear and sharp photos. The darker it is: the more difficult it will become to have clear and sharp photos. I use professional camera equipement with prime lenses that can deal with low light situations without having to use flash. But image quality does suffer when it's too dark. Your photographs will be shot with a very high ISO. Your images will have a bit of grain in them. This cannot be avoided but will add character to your photographs. However, some soft lighting can already really help with this! Think fairy lights and candles!

Will my images be posted online?

No, not without your permission. I love birth photography and enjoy sharing powerful images of birth, but your privacy and wishes are more important.

So, only with your consent (and a signed model release) will I be able to share your birth photographs. Some clients would like all images to be kept private and that is okay. I encourage clients to consider sharing their birth stories and images to help empower and educate others. But your wishes and privacy are my priority.

I would like to have photographs of the first hours with my baby, but not of the entire birth, would this be okay?

Yes! I like to call these sessions the Fresh 48! This session will take place in the hospital or at home ( if you have a homebirth) within 48 hours of your baby being born. I will try and be there at the first reasonable hour in the day. These sessions give you the opportunity to have a shower, freshen up and maybe even have some picturs of siblings and/or family first meeting the baby. Interested? Please get in touch!