My name is Marieke Gortemaker and I'm an Edinburgh based photographer. I moved to Scotland a couple of years ago from the Netherlands, and I’m absolutely loving it! My photography journey started with my travels. I was always captivated by how people were able to capture the moments of their travels. There I was, stumbling around with a very old smartphone!  I did a lot of research into cameras but was always taken aback by the price. Then one of my friends helped me overcome my apprehension, he pushed me towards a photography store and encouraged me to buy my first ever DSLR! In that momemt, my photography journey begun.

I started taking portrait photos, and soon after  I realised how many people are struggling with insecurities and lack of confidence, especially women*. Which is such a shame! I truly believe that every body is beautiful. After talking to many women about their stories, I decided to make it my personal mission to help them gain their confidence and love for their own bodies back. I create a safe space for people to connect with themselves again.  To embrace your feminine side, the sensuality, the kindness, the fragility and everything that comes with it.  There is nothing more powerful than owning and loving what you have!

It is a new stage of your life that you enter when you're pregnant. Your body changes, you might get some stretch marks, but it's all for something wonderful: bringing a baby to earth. It can be difficult to accept your body during and after pregnancy, but I'm here for all of it! The gorgeous pregnancy glow, but also to celebrate your beautiful body after birth.


 In August 2020 I had the honour of witnessing and documenting a birthI was awestruck by this event and deeply moved that this parent trusted me to document this. There is something truly beautiful about being allowed in such a sacred space, to take photos that will make sure that you will always remember and be able to look back on your birth. 

Above all,  I want to capture every side of womanhood, and to celebrate the female body! To get rid of beauty and societal standards, and to support you in gaining back the love of your own body.

*I believe that gender is a spectrum. Marieke Captures is inclusive of plurality of femme voices including trans, queer and non-binary people.





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